Lucozade Sport

Optimising a brand campaign to engage gym-goers

Creative Development

Graphic Design

Print Design


As part of a long-standing relationship with the Lucozade brands, we were tasked with adapting Lucozade Sport’s “Move More Win More” campaign for the Health and Fitness channel.

Our task was to tailor the campaign messaging and creative to maximise engagement among a critical audience of gym goers. The ultimate goal was to drive app downloads and sales through vending machines.


The first step was to present an audit of the existing campaign assets, identifying areas and opportunities where we believed optimisation was required.

Then we conducted creative development, including tailoring 3D headline messaging, adding contextually-relevant call to actions and sourcing photography to target specific exercise occasions.

We considered the full path to purchase – from the gym floor to vending machines and ensured appropriate messaging was in place at each stage.

Lucozade Sport gym table talker
Lucozade Sport mirror stickers
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We also identified areas with longer dwell time e.g. cafés and changing rooms as an opportunity for more detailed communication of the app and prize mechanic. Table talkers and locker stickers were developed for this purpose.

As part of the campaign, we also designed a suite of animated digital tools that brought the campaign to life both in venue, and on gym websites and social media channels.

In total, dozens of unique levers were developed, translating into tens of thousands of items of physical point of sale, executed across thousands of health & fitness locations nationwide, including Pure Gym, Fitness First and Powerleague.

Lucozade Sport display advertisment
Lucozade Sport 3D campaign typography
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The campaign was considered a tremendous success and an example of best in class adaption and execution of a hero brand campaign. A strong uplift in vending sales and app downloads was observed, directly as a result of this highly bespoke activity.


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